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Dave Sefcik

I'm in with my 8'. 


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So, lets start with a confirmed head count for modules.

Geoff is in for 6' plus ??/

Brian H. are you in?

Dave and Rod are in

Mike R. I know you were in.

Who else do we have?

As I have said I am completely swamped but I can at least confirm the layout in CAD.

please consider jobs in the paper industry before you don't print this email!

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I remain buried with work and family commitments.  We really need to have another meeting to finalize stuff but I am maxed for at least two weeks more.

please consider jobs in the paper industry before you don't print this email!

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Hi Mike, and everyone else.  The schedule is for us to set up Wednesday night and Thursday morning, operations Thursday afternoon and Friday, and possibly Thursday night and Friday night.  Teardown is Saturday morning.  We have to be out of the room by 1:00 or so.  The prototype tours are on Saturday morning, so my modules will be down by 8:30.

I think John's operations plan is for trains to leave the yard(s) and switch industries on one person's modules, then return to the yard.  An individual need not be at the layout the whole time, and can remove equipment from the layout when he's not there.  John can provide further details.

The layout room will not be locked at night.  The hotel claims they'll still be secure, but I suggest we don't leave anything too valuable at the layout overnight.

I will confirm the schedule with the convention management and let the group know of confirmation or c hanges to the above.


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Please let me know what Albany NTrak is doing for this convention.

What days will we be at the hotel?
What hours per day?
When is set up and take down?

I would like this info so I can plan my personal activities at the convention.


Michael Romanowski
Upstate Model Railroaders

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