Re: Amsterdam show

Rod Mason

As I indicated in my message from last Saturday, I will be bringing my 4' module.  Like Dave, I'm really not interested in doing a TTrak setup, especially if we have to provide our own tables.


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To answer Mike's question about having a layout - my memory says Dave is bringing 8', Rod is bringing 4', and the duckunder will be there.  If Mike L brings his corners (and the cube), and someone gets the 2' corners from Brian, OR Mike R. brings Ed's 3' corners, OR I bring my 3' corners, then yes, there are enough modules for a layout.  Some temporary legs might be needed because some of the corners only have one leg and the duckunder has none.  But a 7' X 15' layout with a very narrow pit could be set up with the modules that people have committed so far.  If Mike brings 10' of yard, it could be bigger and wider.


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