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Dave Sefcik

I'll be attending with my two modules. 


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Mike R. Replied hey run trains, Mike L. Is reputed to be attending,  haven't heard from anyone else.  Perhaps this show should be a T track show???

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We had a problem with the DCC system at the Polish Community Center last Saturday.  Eventually it started working, and then worked consistently the rest of the day.  I wish to report that I tightened up a few screws, powered it up, and everything works fine now.  I don't know what caused the problem at the show.

I also cleaned out the DCC system box, partly to make room for the two new throttles we purchased.  I took out the club wireless router (we always use Rod's, when he brings his laptop and JMRI setup), a few items related to making Loco-Net wires (we never do that at shows - we don't have a crimper or wire in the box), and the extra alligator clip cable for a RRampMeter.  Yes, we have an extra.  Or it belongs to someone.  Anybody missing one?


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