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Dave Sefcik

Geoff is the "adapter" for the cross over simply changing the normal B-W, W-B to B-W, B-W using one of the 3 way, blue plastic couplers?



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Each loop has a power feed.  If you use the Kato double crossovers, I will adjust the polarity of the loops so we can go in and out of them.  Normally, the polarity of the inner and outer loops are opposite to each other, which creates a short when an engine crosses over.

If your question is about power on either end of one side of the crossover, the answer is the loop probably picks up power from another module later on.  If you have two crossovers, you'll have to provide power feeds in between them.


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I know that DCC runs one loop. If you have two switches in the loop do you have to run two wires, one on each side of the switch. I have two crossovers and the power stops at the crossover.
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