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Hi Matthew, Everyone has their own way of doing backdrops. They are optional, and whatever way works for you is ok. I have built most of my modules with permanent backdrops 13” high from the bottom of the module. I also have built them in pairs so they can be nested together for transport. I have had very good results using ¾” paper clasps to hold them during transport and storage, quick and easy. Mike L.

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Subject: [AlbanyNTrak] Skyboards

Just contemplating Skyboards...

1) How tall are your Skyboards? They all look about the same length on the modules I see in the photos.

2) How do you protect/transport your modules? I assume most people use Skyboards to nestle two modules together.

3) How do you protect/transport modules that don’t have Skyboards?

(Also kind of wondering if this email group will work for me)


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