Re: corner modules


Maybe a fifth cirner module would be called for.

I don't remember the exact configuration, but I think that Mike LaCasse
has brought a two piece junction. 1 piece was the corner and the
second piece was the junction.

By the way, nuddffoeg, could you please add your name to either your
emails or member profile? I can not rememember email addresses that
don't resemble a name. Thanks.


"John Henry"

John Henry Low

--- In AlbanyNTRAK@..., "nuddffoeg" <nuddffoeg@...> wrote:

My vote would be to NOT make the corners into junctions. Having them
be junctions does two things - it makes them not fit the N-Trak
standard for track radius, and (from what I read in other discussions)
it makes them not usable for our normal 4-track around layouts.

It sounds like others are taking care of buying things. I'll pitch in
funds now or in January.

As for the wiring, should we re-use the wires on the existing corners?

And what will we do with the old 4' corners?

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