T-Trak adapter module

nuddffoeg <nuddffoeg@...>

I have nearly finished an adapter module that will let us go from the
outer main to T-Trak modules forming a "T" with the main N-Trak
layout. My plan is that it will be reversible, so the T-Trak modules
can go inside or outside the main layout.

This does several things.

It makes everything one big layout.

It keeps my son somewhat involved and interested, since he has a
T-Trak module but not an N-Trak module.

It will allow us to use the T-Trak modules as a setup area, which will
be useful until Mike Lacasse gets off the weekend shift and comes back
with his yard modules.

It may hinder the use of the outer main for DCC from an operational
standpoint, although I don't think there is anything electrical that
will be a problem.

I plan to put it into the Kingston layout this Sunday (the paint and
glue should be dry!) as just a 2' module, and I'll try connecting
T-Trak modules at the PCC show in a week and a half.

One challenge will be to bring the "banquet" table height up to a
level where the T-Trak modules can connect to the N-Trak 40" layout

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