wings wheels and tracks exhibit

john valachovic


We have been invited to come out and set up at this years, Wings
Wheels and Tracks Showt in Cobleskill, NY. I'm not sure of the space
available yet, it might be as small as 12x14 and we may be limited to
a linear layout also.

We pretty much can pick which day we want the 17th or 18th of May.
This is a great military vehicle show and they are particularly
interested in us running at least some military trains. There is
going to be an USO dance Saturday night, so we would probably want to
be out of there by then or at least packed up.

My wife's cousin is organizing the show and if some of you are
interested, I can get some more information. Please be aware this
is not a train show, but it will be a good oppurtunity to run some
trains and get to see some great restored military equipment.


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