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At Poughkeepsie and Kingston (and maybe other shows, we sometimes ran
a "two track" branch line off one of Mike Lacasse's corner/junction

At the end of the "two track" branch line was a Bend Track end loop
(two track main line). Then we had a Bend Track to N Trak adapter
which connects Red and Orange lines to the front of the Bend Track
module and Yellow and Blue lines to the back of the Bend Track module
(s). Then there were one or several N Trak modules, all with
orange. This connected to the junction module, which connected the
branch to the main layout and also served as a corner module for the
rectangular main layout.

The junction was configured so that the Orange line ran completely
into the branch line (all the time). Red line had two turnouts on
the junction so that Red could be switched into (and out of) the
branch line, or left to continue around the main layout without going
into the branch line. This allowed for operating flexibility in the
branch line.

That configuration has served us well and should work for future Bend
Track branch lines. I suppose it would also work with a One Track
branch line, should we ever have one. Obviously it would not work
for a tradional rectangular layout with NO branch lines.


John Henry

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Brain Thank you for helping out and yes we are building two. We
may also
need 4 rights and 4 left turnouts depending on the group decision
transition capability. Please keep all receipts and bring them to
meeting in Jan. Thanks again
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I'll get the track & wire. I picked up five
pieces of flex track and cork roadbed at J.P.'s
today, and have some speaker wire. Just to
confirm how much I'll need to buy, are we making
two modules?

Brian Hilgenberg

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1. Corner modules
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1. Corner modules
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I hope everyone had a nice weekend. John and I
drove out to Syracuse
to the train show and had a great day. We were
able to check out a
few 3 foot corners other clubs had at the show.
We also sent up a
date for John and I to start contstruction. We
will be fronting the
money for the framing materials. We were also
looking for one or two
volunters to purchase the track bed, track, and
wiring for the mods.
At the January meeting we will tally all the
costs and divide it among
the group.

We also talked about making the corner modules
capable of being a
junction mod. This would be on the orange line.
This would give us a
great deal of flexibility on layouts.

Please give us your thoughts on this.


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