Report from Syracuse

Brian Hilgenberg

As most of you know, I set up with the ETE at the Syracuse show this weekend. The layout ran well; visitors especially enjoyed the turntable. However, I did have some trouble with stalling on the Peco switches. As this continues to be a problem, I've decidied to replace the electrofrogs with insulfrogs to eliminate this problem, so the Hauptbahnhof modules will be "out of service" for the time being.

Our seven module Bend-Trak layout was one of many N layouts there. The Ottawa and Philly clubs each had an N-trak layout. Funtrak got together with the Genessee N-gineers to make an impressive T-trak layout. In addition there were many small N layouts. Also impressive was an O scale layout featuring the former Syracuse station.

I've posted pics of my modules, as well as some of the more interesting t-trak modules and the O Syracuse station.

Brian H.

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