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Geoff Dunn

Hi all. We have gone through some of this discussion before, both on this forum and in meetings. If you want to review the Yahoo Group messages, start with message 1528, from February 11, 2012. This one asked for a referendum as to whether we should look into a club DCC system. The overwhelming vote was yes (12 to 2, or something like that). Many comments were posted in the weeks following the poll. Technically, we have not, as a club, made a commitment to purchasing a system yet.

To specifically address Matt's concern about buying a club system for only a few shows per year, it is valid. Fred made a similar comment back in February as well. At that point, we felt that it wasn't fair to the individual if something was damaged, and also that if an individual didn't come to a show, then the club was without a system. If it's a club system, then the club has a right to use it, no matter who is at a show. And, as part of the club purchase, we intend to purchase some throttles, which might be a challenge for an individual to provide for a layout. We did not talk about a rental fee for whoever brought a system.

Final thought - this is a club for all of us to enjoy. We haven't made a final decision to actually buy a system, let alone what system to purchase. I'd rather not get mired down in endless discussion, but that, in a way, is a decision not to move on the purchase.

Really final thought, at least for this note - Bob Gatland will not be at the GTE show on December 2nd. This means his system will not be their either. Hence my interest in having the Digitrax and NCE comparison at the HVCC show.


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I thought I'd throw my $0.02 in as well. I enjoyed testing out the NCE system. To be honest, it didn't seem very different to the digitrax stuff I've played with. It certainly seemed more user friendly, but I think if I sat down with either system for an hour, I'd feel comfortable.

Over the past year or so I've been holding off on buying a throttle because I didn't want to buy one brand and then have the club buy a different brand. In doing so, I realized that people do probably have some financial investment in one brand or another. If I'd had a $150 wireless throttle, I'm sure I'd vote for whatever brand that throttle was. There simply wasn't a big enough difference in systems for me to want to switch from what I'd used at home.

As it is, I'll keep my home trains on DC. Maybe when the club decides, I'll buy that brand as well. Then again, I don't really plan on having a large or permanent home layout (blasphemy, I know!) so I could happily wallow in DC land for years.

Of course, this means mooching DCC throttles at shows for my 6 or so engines that are DCC.

I do think it's a bit silly to buy a whole system that we'd only use for 7 or so days a year. I'd rather see people who bring DCC to shows get kickbacks (errr.. rental fees) from the setup money. I realize that means that people will be risking their systems, but if we fry it, I'd rather take the money out of our coffers then than preemptively buying a system that we'd rarely use. If we were an "every weekend" kinda club, then I'd see our need for a community system. But a large financial investment for a few days a year seems silly to me.

I realize that both of these observations/opinions ("buying what folks already had" & "is it wasteful to buy a system for a few days a year?")are a bit far from the previous discussion points on the topic but they were issues that seemed relevant to me.

Just my humble observations,

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Thanks. I believe the NCE system was only recently set up, and would normally have a programming track.


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There were no problems with the NCE setup. It just seemed easier to program
the engines on digitrax because Bob included a program track with his
system. I suggest that if we by NCE that a program track be installed or
added too.

Michael Romanowski

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I wasn't aware there were any significant problems with the NCE setup. Is
there anything that should be discussed?


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Yes thanks for bringing both systems. I liked the NCE throttle. But I
noticed when someone had a problem they used the Digitrax system to diagnose
it. LOL

Michael Romanowski
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Hi all. We had a chance to compare two DCC systems today at the
Greenberg show at HVCC. For those who had were able to try Doug's NCE
system, please think about what you liked or disliked. For those who didn't
get a chance to try NCE, Doug will have the system up again tomorrow until
1:30-ish on Sunday. This is your chance to compare the two most likely
systems for our club purchase.

Thanks again to Doug for bringing his NCE system, and thanks as always
to Bob for bringing his Digitrax setup.


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