New Member from Hyde Park Station - HVRRS


Hi John or whoever can add a member.

Could you please invite David Toll into our Yahoo and N-Trak group?
His email is

David is a relatively new member of the Hudson Valley Railroad
Society (HVRRS), which sponsors the upcoming Poughkeepsie Train Show
(Sunday, Novemeber 11) and maintains the Hyde Park, NY Railraod
Station. He lives in the "Southern Division" of our group.

David is interested in building for the HVRRS a set of N-Trak modules
of the Hyde Park Station as it would have appeared at the time of
FDR's Funeral Train (April 15, 1945). The modules would be on
permanent display in the baggage room of the Hyde Park Station (next
to the late Mike Rourke's NY&OW Kingston Branch N Scale layout, which
was featured in Model Railroader's 2000 Great Model Railroads). The
modules would also participate in N-Trak shows.

Current plans are for a total of 8 feet split into a 5 footer and 3
footer for scenic considerations. The modules would use the front
Orange passing track made to look like the prototypical 4 track
mainline that Hyde Park had at the time and concidentally fit in
with our group's "unofficial" four track standard.

I am sure that David would welcome your experienced advice on any and
all things, but you should describe how you create lightweaght
foamboard modules for easy transportation.


"John Henry"
John Henry Low

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