Fall Stuff

nuddffoeg <nuddffoeg@...>

Hi all. I've got several things to mention. This is redundant if
you're on the email list.

1. A reminder - the Poughkeepsie show is Sunday, November 11th. Mark
is the contact. He has not had a lot of responses - please let him
know soon if you want to put modules in that show. If more people
don't express interest, we may have to cancel our participation this
2. Hobbytown display. We may be able to set up a few modules at
Hobbytown USA (in Colonie) again. Possible dates are SATURDAY,
November 10th, or SATURDAY, November 17th. The first date isn't good
for a few of us, and the second date is the day before the PCC show.
However, the layout will be linear, like last time, so it will be a
fairly simple setup. Any interest? Contact me or Doug.
3. PCC show - November 18th. I haven't contacted the organizer yet,
but after the HO guys blew him off last spring, we shouldn't have any
problem getting space in the main room. Although running trains in
the bar was lots of fun last fall, it apparently cost a lot to rent,
and won't be available again. Please let me know if you're
interested in participating.
4. GTE, at the Plaza in Albany - December 2. Setup on Saturday,
December 1. Let me know by Thanksgiving if you're interested.
5. Glens Falls show, December - probably a T-Trak layout - long way
6. We should have a work session to finish the new club
corners. "When" will be problematic for the next few months.
7. I haven't heard from some of you in a long time. I'm going to
trim the mailing list, so if you haven't been active and you want to
stay on the list, let me know.
8. Doug's PC went to Hard Drive Heaven, so he's got no email or web
access at home until he gets a new computer. If you need to reach
him in the next few weeks, call him.

Call, write, fax, or email. Or use the Yahoo Groups board. Lube
your engines and clean your wheels - it's train-runnin' time again!


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