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With the mountian division there is a possability of running DCC with out interfering with the blue, yellow, red and orange.
  Just food for thought.

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I think that Ed's suggestion for the mountain division
is an excellent one.

I realize that we have mixed feelings about the
mountain division, but since there are a few members
using it (not me, at least for now), by including the
mountain division on club corners, that would permit
having the mountain division at least stretch along a
side or two at those shows where members like Ed,
Geoff, Neil or Mike bring modules with the mountain
divsion. If no one else brings mountain division
modules, the corners with mounttain division would
help break up scenes if nothing else.

We should definitely stick to the "four track
mainline" look of the stadard blue, yellow, red and
orange, since we do use the double dog loop approach
at least once or twice a year. I hope to be "back in
the game" with a bend track end loop by Kingston 2007
or Poughkeepsie 2008.


John Henry

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