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Thanks for the advice Mike. I used to receive the N-Trak Newsletter,
but that was MANY years ago. However, I did go to the N-Trak site and
subscribe to the newsletter, as well as ordering the oNeTrak booklet.

As is typically the case, the layout I am envisioning in my head is
becoming quite involved. I've started a layout plan w/ the Atlas
software - a slow process to be sure! I also have sketched out a
rough module plan for the whole thing which includes two transition
modules from standard N-Trak leading to and from a kind of peninsula
that contains the modules for the Kings Cross station, the Glenfinnan
Viaduct, and, of course, Hogsmead and Hogwarts. I've even sketched in
a small turntable and engine shed layout for storing the Hogwarts
Express during idle times. The Kings Cross section will contain
several tracks that will loop back around into the standard N-Trak
modules, thus introducing a passenger line option for other routes.
I'm also thinking of running a non-Hogwarts Express line all the way
around the peninsula to accommodate a secondary route through the scenery.

It is likely to take me two and a half lifetimes to get this all put
together! However, if the finished product is even half as nice as
what I am imagining, it will sure be a crowd pleaser. I already have
a scale model of the Weasley's bewitched Ford Anglia to place in the
layout, and plan to 'bash' a triple-decker Knight Bus for the London

Now on to some more practical matters. I read in one of the N-trak
sites I found that you can create your modules using lightweight
styrofoam rather than plywood and plaster for the tabletop and scenery
contours. Has anyone ever attempted this? How well does it hold up?
And what are the potential drawbacks of this manner of construction?
Lightweight is desirable, but if the module only lasts for one or two
shows, it would be a waste. Also, I am having a devil of a time
figuring out my track dimensions in the Atlas software. Using
standard N scale track lengths, I can't see how you can create modules
in two foot increments, since the standard track sections are in 5", 2
1/2", etc. However, I see that the N-Trak site sells 6 1/2" connector
sections - this means that the module trackage would start 3 1/4" in
from each edge. That leaves 41 1/2" of trackage on a four foot module
(assuming straight runs), which still doesn't accommodate standard
track lengths. What am I missing? Is it necessary to cut your track
sections to make them fit?

You can tell I'm a newbie, can't you?

OK - enough of this book. Thanks in advance for your comments and

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Hi Mark, Mike here, one of the best things about N-Trak is you can
model anything you wish. The scene you invision of Hogwarth's express
sounds interesting. Within N-Trak there are several variations of
specs you can adopt. If a long scene with single track is what you are
interested in there is a module type called One-Trak which sounds like
just what you need. Hey John! can you link us to there you
can find the specs for One-Trak along with all the other specs. I also
recommend you get the N-Trak newsletter so you can become better
informed as to what is. Mike

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