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THE AJIJIC SOCIETY OF THE ARTS (ASA) is a membership organization for artists working in all media in the Lake Chapala area of Jalisco, Mexico. Established in 1986, our Society encourages artists of all levels to develop their talents, and provides and promotes events to showcase their work.

ASA is also a social and educational network, helping members share their creative techniques and inspiration with each other to further individual artistic growth and ability.

Part of ASA's mandate is to contribute to the community. We do this by participating in the Lake Chapala Society’s Children’s Art Program, and by sponsoring their annual summer Art Camp – to help foster the next generation of Lakeside artists.


Plenty! You can keep in touch with the other members by: posting messages (your message will be automatically emailed to all subscribers); posting photos; uploading files; viewing the Events Calendar; taking part in polls; and accessing our group's databases (when they are created).

You are in total control of the messages you receive! You can ignore message threads by topic or hashtag. You can choose to get only the first message of a topic, and then decide to follow the rest of the message thread (or not). You can choose to only receive announcements, and not get any messages. You can choose to get messages as soon as they are posted, or accumulate them in a daily digest.

Our site's Wiki (knowledge base) has instructions and tips about using the site's features, and finding the information you want. In the future it will have sections on ASA's history, as well as art tutorials, and more! Once you login, select "Wiki" from the menu – a list on the left of your screen, or collapsed at the bottom as a hamburger menu on mobile devices ("More").


If you are not already logged in, you can access the log in form here: ASA Group Login.

Here, you can either fill in your email and password, then click on the green "Log In" button ––OR–– if you don't have a password, click on the white "Email me a link to log in" button near the bottom of the page – a login link will be emailed to you.


All ASA members are automatically added to the group. If you want to join this email group, you must first join ASA. Go to our website for more information: Ajijic Society of the Arts.


Our member meetings are held on the first Monday of every month at the La Bodega restaurant in Ajijic. They start promptly at 10 am. We hope to see you there!

You can email the ASA Board at board@AjijicSocietyOfTheArts.com

Don't forget to visit ASA's website: AjijicSocietyOfTheArts.com.

We now have an online art store where you can browse and buy art from participating ASA artists: AjijicSocietyOfTheArts.com/store/.

If you need help
, or have general questions about the group, please send an email to the group Administrator:
AjijicSocietyOfTheArts+owner@groups.io. Please DO NOT reply to a message post with your question, because it will be sent to all members.

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