AirCommSouthwest (not limited to Southwest U.S.) is for radio hobbyists who enjoy listening to aeronautical radio communications.
Group coverage: 1) Civil Aviation (118-137 MHz) within and bordering the 48 contiguous U.S. states. This includes Air Traffic Control (ATC) and frequencies; Interesting UNICOM at non-towered airports; Aerial Fire-Fighting and Tanker Bases; Medical Transport; News & Traffic; Law-Enforcement; Search & Rescue (SAR); Any FM frequencies used by any of these entities while airborne. 2) Military aviation topics and frequencies, including USCG. 3) Transoceanic HF ARINC "San Francisco" and "New York" communications, including coastal VHF-HF-VHF transitions.
As it happens: Breaking news stories; In-Flight Emergencies (IFEs); 121.5 / 243.0 MHz intercepts; Curious Flight tracks; ATC disruptions; National Airspace System Events; Airport Ground Stops, Closures, ATCSCC Notices; NOTAMs and TFRs of interest; Active MOAs, Tracks, Combat Air Patrol; Air Force One.
Any time: Getting the most from,,, ADS-B Exchange,, etc.; ATC and how it works; Using on-line Aero Charts to complement monitoring; FAA Handbooks, Manuals, and Air Traffic Publications; ATC Radar, ATCRBS Beacon (Squawk) Codes and Transponders; ADS-B and related topics; Virtual radar; VHF/UHF Frequency Pairs; TRACON and ARTCC Sector Maps; FAA NextGen; FAA and NTSB reports; Air Shows; Antennas, receivers, and all related; Audio recording and saving snippets to .MP3 files for sharing via email attachments; Monitoring shack photos welcome, plus trivia, history, reminiscing, and questions (beginning level through advanced).
For airline operations "Company Frequencies" in the 128.825-132.0 MHz range and other airline-related topics, see ScanAirlineOps 
If you live in Northern California and are interested in general scanning (including aircraft), please see 

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