Welcome and lets get started


Welcome to the Aerophilately discussion group.
At this point there are only 9 of us. It is my experience that it takes about 2 years to get a good group going. We can start now however.
As some of you may know I found about 450 "trip summaries" at the University of Miami that describe in great detail the operations of Pan American Airways in the Atlantic during World War II.These are trips that are missing from all compilations of PAA operations from this period. I have three articles submitted to APJ, one of which came out in December. I don't know when the other two will be used.
One thing that Jim Graue suggested at Sacramento was to build a catalog of information in tables very much like he did with the DLH data.
So far I have 1939 through 1943 done. I have 1943 yet to go. Unfortunately I have nothing for 1945.
I have the data for the NY to Foynes flights but I will leave them until later since these are not the great mystery that 1942 through 1944 are in the south Atlantic.
I do need some help proofreading all my data keywork. I'm sure there are many typos and there is the occasional spot where it is not clear if this number is a 5 or a 6 or an 8.  If anyone wants to help the advantage would be that I have to give you a copy of the collection.
Keep in mind the collection of trip summaries cannot be published due to copyright restrictions from the U. Miami, and my work will be copyrighted as well. Eventually Jim G suggested this might become part of the AAMS catalog or we may publish in some other way.
And happy holidays!

David Crotty