V-Mails from New Zealand

Bob Watson

I have a couple of V-mails from senders with New Zealand return addresses (yes, from the US system, not the British airgraph system).

One is from a Marine at APO 715 on 4 December 1943 which was the 39th General Hospital at Auckland, NZ. Two others are from senders at Fleet PO 133 which was at Wellington, NZ Oct 3, 1942 - Dec 1, 1945. all 3 had been microfilmed and reprinted Stateside for sending to addressees. To my knowledge there were no actual V-mail facilities here in NZ, the closest being in Australia. Also, I believe the V-mail and British Airgraph setups were separate without any intercommunication, at least in NZ.

Can anyone provide an explanation as to where these were microfilmed?