Research Assistance Needed - Looking for Doolittle 1932 West Point Cover


This nonmember is asking for info about this Doolittle cover. Please contact this person directly if you can assist.

David Crotty

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I’m looking for some research help.


I’m writing an in-depth history of the Post Office at the U.S. Military Academy at West Point, NY.  This is a follow-up to a book I recently published, “Postmarked West Point: A US Postal History of West Point and its Graduates” (


In 1932, when Jimmy Doolittle made his George Washington Bicentennial Airplane Flight, one of the places he flew over and dropped mail was West Point.  I’m hoping to find a cover similar to the one described in the attachment to this message, but postmarked West Point.


I don’t need the cover, just good photos of the front and back. I’ll be happy to give credit to anyone who can provide such photos in the event that I am able to publish my article.


Is it possible to survey your members to find out if anyone has such a cover?


Thanks for any assistance you can provide.


Jay Joyce

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