Fw: Airmail cover from Washington State to England (underpaid)


If you can answer this question please contact this person directly. The cover should be attached to this message  Aug 17 1929 to Takama Wash to UK cannot read the UK cancel

David Crotty

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Subject: Airmail cover from Washington State to England (underpaid)


I hope you can help a non-member in the UK!

I acquired this cover on a well known auction site. It appears to be a Jusqu’a cover, sent from Yakima. But I am puzzled by the “T 10 Centimes” and the “To Pay 34” handstamps. I also am not sure what route it would have taken. I assume air to NY, then sea to England, but perhaps the “Centimes” indicates via Mexico or perhaps France?

Any help gratefully appreciated.

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Paul Waldron

Image 1 - mr34-USA-1929-cover-to-GB-TAXE-mark-amp-1d-POSTAGE-DUE-stamp


Dear All,

The reason the postage due was specified in centimes was because under the Universal Postal Union, French was the standard language. I don’t think the cover would have been sent through France.


Ken Sanford