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david steidley


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Subject: [aerophilately] question about Beryillim


This may be a strange question for this group but there is a story you may have followed about PAA carrying uranium from the Congo.
Apparently on an early trip of the Capetown Clipper to Leopoldville the vice president Leslie was on board and reported back that sacks of beryllium were aboard. His son eventually wrote a book that includes that story. Many  seem to assume this was a purposeful cover for a shipment of uranium. Some say no, it was really beryllium .
Anyway I've been looking into it a bit and yes there is a story in the PAA files that says that PAA did carry beryllium form South America not the Congo. Its obvious that the only thing we can be sure of is that the Belgian owner of the Congo mine had 1250 tons of ore shipped to New York and it took him two years to find someone in the US government that knew that they needed this stuff for the Manhattan progjct.
So I looking a bit and beryllium is known to have come from countries like Argentina and Madagascar but not the Congo.

So my question, do any of you know much about mining or know someone who does? Did Africa ever supply beryllium?

David Crotty