AAMS officers needed (numbers corrected)


Sorry that I took a little liberty with the numbers in this message. The APJ costs about $37K after advertising income. The Vol 1 and Vol 2  issues of the 7th edition of the catalog cost about $70K. Volume 3 (Polar) was not out when the June 2016 Finance report was distributed but it was printed in the traditional way.
Additionally we have about $118K of publication inventory (much of which we have had in storage for many decades) of which we sold about $4.7K in the 2015-2016 year.
We do need experienced business and hobby persons to help us run the AAMS.
David Crotty

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Sent: Thursday, February 23, 2017 7:36 AM
Subject: [aerophilately] AAMS officers needed

The AAMS is about to appoint and elect new officers. The society is at an dangerous point. It is down to 850 members and brings in about $16,000  in dues each year. That sounds great except that we spend $46,000 a year just to publish the APJ. About $12,000 of that goes to the editor.l
We also just published two great new volumes of the catalog with at least two more volumes coming soon. That again is great except that we also just spent $50,000 each to publish 1000 copies of each when we probably will never sell more than a few hundred each. 

We need a president who knows enough about publishing to help us get on track.  We do have a bit of cash in the treasury but it will not last long. 
So my question is, do any of you have the skills needed to help the AAMS through this? Do you know someone we could recruit?
We do have a small group of members trying to resolve this, including myself but we need some people with these skills to make it work. 
Can you help the society? Let us know.

David Crotty