A very hardy welcome to me....


I am unable to edit my profile at the moment (Yahoo bugs!). So, I'll just give you all the short version. I've been collecting stamps since I was about 10 years old. I've gone through quite a few different collecting interests; Scandinavia, Egypt, Ethiopia, Indochina, British Omnibus, UPU, ITU, Red Cross, Switzerland, Europa/NATO, Greece, Japan, et al....

For the past several years, my passion has been collecting pre-1950 Worldwide Airmail issues, primarily mint. I also have interest in much of the Scott unlisted material as well (Sanabria has become my bible). To make it enven more interesting, I design and print all of my own album pages. I did some work for Bill Steiner several years ago, designing some of the Stamp Albums web pages. And, that got me interested in ablum design.

I have tons of reference material, and quite a horde of duplicates to trade or sell. So, I look forward to sharing with everyone. I am really excited to get in on the ground floor here, and I hope you attract a big flock of fellow collectors of flying stamps.


PS. Let me know what your thoughts are on the sorts of things that should be placed in the Files section for the group here. Photos, Links and what would we use the Database for?