Polonius Polish Stamp Society Editor Needed


I received this request from Ed Andrews about the Polish Stamp Society needs a new editor for its journal. If any of you are interested please contact Ed at the addresses below.

POLONUS the Polish Stamp Society here in the US, and, soon to be their President. We like many small societies (~250+ members) are struggling with finances and resources. One big area of concern is our journal (bulletin) which is published 4x a year in full color. It is a classy publication and won a gold medal at CHICAGOPEX a few years ago. We are looking for a new editor and don’t have the deep pockets to hire someone well known in the industry. I am writing you in the hopes you may know of someone that might be available to take on editing this publication. Any and all suggestions are welcomed.
Best regards,
Andrews Consulting Enterprises LLC    
Edwin J. Andrews, V.M.D., Ph.D., Dipl. ACVP, Dipl. ACLAM
278 Serenity Hill Circle
Chapel Hill, NC 27516-0389
David Crotty