Welcome New Member and APS School


I would like to welcome several new members this last week to the Aerophilately yahoo group. We are small but growing and our goal is to discuss aerophilatelic subjects. I think that everyone so far is also a member of the AAMS but we do not absolutely require that to join this group. I make sure that all new members are moderated until we hear from them at least once. That helps keep down the spam that plagues a number of online groups. However, it may cause your first message to the group to be a little delayed until I get to the computer that day or the next day.

That being said, the APS School in two weeks has about 60 students signed up so far. However, I was just told by Gretchen Moody that the Aerophilately class that David Steidley has prepared (and that I will help teach) has only 2 registered students. Because of that they have moved us to a smaller room but there is room there for two more students. Would be nice if some of you could join us. If you can, please call Gretchen at 814 933 3810 or email gretchen@....
David Crotty