New Member Intro

Steve B. Davis

Hi to all just found about this group from AAMS site. I am the founder/moderator of the US Specialized Yahoo Group (APS Affiliate) and a long time member of the American Air Mail Society, AAPE, Auxiliary Markings Club and APS as well.

I don't collect stamps per se, but postal history. Not into FDC or Event Covers. Specialized air mail interests include,

6c Transport Airmail Issue of 1941 - exhibit this and am up to Silver. Won a Vermeil for an overall Transport Airmail Exhibit, but pared that down and now into just the 6c value. The military aspects intrigue me. Lots of interesting rates and usages during WW II period.

25c & 31& Jet Plane & Globes Airmail Issue of 1976 - up to Silver on this one.

Scenic American Landscape Issue of 1999 - 2012 - this is the international rate series. Most interesting for a modern issue because of all the rate changes. Covers to Mexico are the hardest to obtain I find. Hope to exhibit some aspect of this series soon.

5c DC-4 Skymaster Airmail Issues 1946-48 - was up to Silver on this but now getting out of it.

All these I collect on covers paying proper rates. With the more modern ones I try for exotic destinations or interesting postal markings.

I highly recommend a membership in the AAMS if you love airmail from any country.

Steve B. Davis
Calgary, Alberta, Canada