Fw: WESTPEX 2018 - - SFO Museum - - American Air Mail Society


Folks. The AAMS meeting is at Westpex at the San Francisco Marriott Hotel. See below, and don't miss the SFO Museum, which is largely a museum about Pan American Airways and other air lines.

David Crotty

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Subject: WESTPEX 2018 - - SFO Museum - - American Air Mail Society

Going to take a little break from our discussions on Boulder City airmail and also the Carole Lombarde crash.  I need to give a little plug to WESTPEX 2018 which is an all year volunteer effort by Edie, my being her computer technical consultant.  Also a little "marketing" plug for the SFO Museum and the American Air Mail Society.  Just not going to be able to pursue our conversations to near the extent I have been; the last month before the WESTPEX show gets to be pretty intense around here.  

1.  WESTPEX 2018 is one of the nicest if not nicest philatelic (stamp) shows in the US.

It is scheduled for April 27-28 at the San Francisco Airport Marriott Waterfront Hotel

http://www.westpex.org/      The website for WESTPEX - go here to see many more details of this year's event.

People from all over the US visit this show and even international visitors.

It is a 501 (c) 3 non-profit event that promotes philately through extensive education and has an absolutely outstanding youth program.

2.  The American Air Mail Society (AAMS) is not only going to be one of the Featured Societies this year at WESTPEX 2018, they will be having their annual convention here as well with a whole host of programs, meetings, and presentations open to the public.  Any one having any interest in any aspect of Air Mail, this is a must attend opportunity.

http://www.americanairmailsociety.org     The website for AMMS.  On the left click on Next Convention for all the details.

3.  The SFO Museum   Just a short free shuttle ride away (about 5 minutes) is the absolutely wonderful SFO Museum in the San Francisco International Museum.  Yes, they do have philatelic items in their collection, they have a small amount of philatelic literature in their library, and their charter is the Development of Commercial Aviation in the Pacific Rim.  For instance, it would be a wonderful place to do some research if you had interest in PanAm Clipper Mail I would think.
https://www.flysfo.com/museum         The web site for the SFO Musuem, You really need to visit this website.

This museum is absolutely fabulous.  They not only have exhibits throughout the airport, they do indeed have their own two story museum in the International Terminal with exhibits and a most wonderful library on the second floor.

How could anyone with an interest in Air Mail miss this opportunity, WESTPEX 2018, the American Air Mail Society, and the SFO Museum all in the same immediate area and at the same time.

Please feel free to forward this message to anyone who you think might have interest.