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Carlos Gustavo Cotlier

Hi David!
The story starts again!
I found at the auction web page:
A cover from Paraguay to England dated on 29 February 1929.
The cover with no dude has gone by Air from Asuncion to London because it has a British arrival postmark on 11 March 29 at 10 AM.
Here it is the auctioneer advertisement:

Lot 640 Paraguay to England Description: First acceptance of mail for England, Asuncion to London, bs 11/3, for carriage on the inaugural Compagnie Aeroposta Argentina Asuncion-Toulouse service, registered (label) cover franked $14.70 ($2.50 postage, $2.00 regn, $10.20 airmail), violet "Via Aerea" cachet, flown on the new CGA overseas service from Paraguay to Argentina then "accelerated" by the "plane-ship-plane route via the South Atlantic, arriving in Toulouse on 9th March. Scarce item in fine condition.

Then………… we must admit that there are covers since Paraguay to Europe on 1929!
Legal or illegal transportation of mail by Aeropostale is not now the case.
Fair play! I must admit the jury was right.
As I wrote at the beginning of my note:

About your Question from Paraguay air mails covers to Europe, I am not an
expert in Paraguay Air Mail but my main research and collection exhibits are the "Argentine Air Mail 1924-1939" and "Argentine Air Mail 1939-1945".(WW II).

We say in Spanish "Shoemaker to your shoes".
I will keep researching about Argentine Air Mail 1924-1945.!!
Maybe you are interested in buying this cover for your collection if so good luck at the auction.(ends on September 12th)
Kind regards from Argentina.
Carlos Cotlier.

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Dear Carlos,

I found my copy of "Historia Postal Del Correo Aereo Del Paraguay" and would be glad to scan the pages covering the early airmail services. Please advise what year I should go up to, and what is your email address.

Ken Sanford

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Hi David!
About your Question from Paraguay air mails covers to Europe, I am not an expert in Paraguay Air Mail but my main research and collection exhibits are the "Argentine Air Mail 1924-1939" and "Argentine Air Mail 1939-1945".(WW II).
The first stages of the Paraguay Air Mail Postal History have a strong relation with the Argentine Mail and the Aeroposta Argentina Sociedad Anonima
Lets see why it is almost impossible a "official" air mail cover in the late 1920´s from Asuncion to Europe:
(We must understand as "official" as a cover that went with permission of both post offices Paraguay and Argentina or at least one of them.)
1- The first air mail services from Paraguay started with a leg to Buenos Aires - Asuncion and from Asuncion to Buenos Aires this was started by the Aeroposta Argentina Sociedad Anonima susidiarie of Conpagnie Générale Aéropostale (C.G.A.). I have no information of any other Air Company or air leg before.(1)(2)(3)( 4)Not too Davies,Bousquet, Ravignani,.Banning)
2- "Companie Générale Aéropostale, operating as Aéropostale. In compliance with local laws, the operating subsidiaries Aeroposta Argentina………"(4).
3- Test fights started on April 3, 1928 and October 31, 1928.(2)
4- On September 14,1928 an contract between Aeroposta Argentina (Mr Vicente Almandos Almonacid) and the Paraguayan Mail GPO was signed to carry mail from Asuncion to Buenos Aires, but the Argentine General Post Office had not authorized yet the transportation of any mail, so if any cover or mail was sent to Europe or any other country was under responsibility of Aeroposta Argentina but not as an official mail.
5- I never saw a Paraguayan cover to Europe or any other country with a postmak or "transit" by the Argentina GPO in 1928-29 did any one saw one?
6- Dr Victor Bousquet say in his excellent book, that any cover or postal mail transported from Buenos Aires (To Paraguay) since 1º of January,1929 and in latter fights should be considered as "experimental air mail" ( in Spanish "ensayos de correo aereo")in a few words he says that any cover from Argentina to Paraguay and logically from Paraguay to Argentina (if they do exist) were transported "illegally" by Aeroposta.(Pag 70).
7- The Argentinian Government authorized on February 27, 1929 to Aeroposta SA to carry mail from and to Argentina and between the stops to Asuncion and to bring Paraguayan mail to neighboring countries only.
8- This service (Aeroposta) was interrupted for economical reasons on April 17, 1931.
9- "Paraguay was to be without air service for six years" (1) Pag 507.
10- "Pan American Airways was authorized to serve Asuncion by the Decree of June 21, 1937, and started a service in December 1937, flying Lock heed Electras from Sao Pulo, via Curitiba and Iguazu Falls, and to Buenos Aires via Monte Caseros" (1) But this is part of another story………
11- Well, about what the Judge told you I can tell you Injustice it do exist!!
12- My cogratulations for your excellent article at the Airpost Journal Dec 2012 about Pan American Airways 1942. Confidential Timetables.
Hope you become vice-president of our AAMS I am sure you will do an excellent wok for the AAMS.
Kind regards to you and all the people of the forum.
Carlos Cotlier.

(1) R.E.G. Davies –Airlines of Latin America –Since 1919 .Chapter 25 Pag 507.
(2) A.V. Bousquet. La Aeroposta Argentina y el Correo Aereo – Chapter 5 Pgs 65 to 109.
(3) M. E. Ravignani. La Linea . Pgs 22 to 24.
(4) G. Banning -Airlines of Pan American Since 1927 .Pag 225.

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Hi all,
We have enough people to get rolling now.
As some of you may know I have an exhibit of transAtlantic airmail between South America and Europe. It does happen that the early French airline Aeropostal started service to Paraguay in about 1928 or so and due to money problems stopped that in about a year or so. Air France resumed service to Paraguay in maybe 1933. My exhibit shows examples of the later service but not for the early. Some silly judge noticed that an commented that I should have something to show that early service. I think there might be 10 covers in the world for that short period of service.

So anyway, if anyone knows where such an airmail cover to or from Paraguay in the late 1920s to Europe via Aeropostale might be found, I'm interested.

David Crotty

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For David Giles
Hi David,
In reading your introduction I arrived at the part
about Texas aerophilately. A few years back I bought an auction lot that
included some Texas items which are still sitting around someplace. If you are
interested, send me an email and I will dig them out and send you a list.
Perhaps there will be something you can use.
Bob Mattingly
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My name is David Giles and I have just joined this Yahoo Group.

I am 48-years old, and have been collecting stamps since I was eight-years old.  I got back into the hobby, seriously, when I was 24-years old. 

I have been a member of a few other Yahoo Groups and found them most helpful and informative.

My main collecting interests are:

King George
VI Reign of the British Commonwealth (1937-1952)
Costa Rica
Indies / Indonesia
United States of America
... and a number of topical

With rare exception, I collect everything

With respect to aerophilately, my main collecting interest is air
postal history of the State of Texas.  I am interested in First Flight
Covers and Aeroport Dedication covers.  I also collect U.S. airmail
stamps (as part of a U.S. collection) with an emphasis on marginal markings,
perfins and precancels, both on and off cover.  I also collect Texas city
and town postmarks, New York City postmarks, fancy numeral and letter
postmarks, and "air mail" postmarks on airmail stamps.  I also am
assembling a collection of covers with each airmail stamp used on cover,
paying the rate it was intended for, postmarked in Texas.

I look
forward to learning and contributing to this


David Giles
Ottawa, Canada

Member No. 204340, The American Philatelic Society
Member No. 685 & member of the Board-of-Directors, The Society of Costa Rica Collectors
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