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Robert Mattingly

Hi Jim - From the 1920's on the Brits almost wilfully ignored collectors' desires for backstamps.  Consequently, the absence of backstamps on your covers to London would not affect their authenticity.  My reading of the AAMC suggests none of these esoteric flights were given any advanced publicity and none enjoyed the rigamarole associated with cacheting. As a rule there isn't a lot of interest in the 60's flights so there's good news and bad news. The good news is that even the rare ones will be inexpensive to buy.  The bad news is the reciprocal.

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Here is another identification or more accurately a verification question. According to Vol 4(5th ed.) FAM 18-322f and 323 (NY and Balt to London Jun 1, 1961) MAY have back-stamps for London but mine do not. Also I have a 322 in addition to a 322f and that does not appear in the book (see close-up photo) Because of the "small number" of the covers I suspect my are not valid. What cachet should the have? Does anyone have any experience with these covers? I have posted some photos in my "unidentified covers" folder. You can use the "large" or "original" size options to get a closer look.



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