Re: Identificaton or Verification of Flights


You photos with two and five covers seem to be readable. The one with 12 covers is not.
Now I am not familiar enough with these to answer your questions. If no-one here has a good answer we can ask around.

David Crotty

From: jim72051
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Sent: Sunday, August 18, 2013 1:16 PM
Subject: [aerophilately] Identificaton or Verification of Flights

Here is another identification or more accurately a verification question. According to Vol 4(5th ed.) FAM 18-322f and 323 (NY and Balt to London Jun 1, 1961) MAY have back-stamps for London but mine do not. Also I have a 322 in addition to a 322f and that does not appear in the book (see close-up photo) Because of the "small number" of the covers I suspect my are not valid. What cachet should the have? Does anyone have any experience with these covers? I have posted some photos in my "unidentified covers" folder. You can use the "large" or "original" size options to get a closer look.



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