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This is a question best presented to a dealer who handles these items on a day to day basis. Suggest you go to stamp shows in your area and if at all possible go to StampShow in a few weeks. I can recommend at least two dealers and I am sure others can add to the list. These dealers have almost all covers at their tables but you will find others who have at least a box of this. Ask them about this. They all have an opinion, sometimes a really strong one. I have had great conversations with both of these guys and each had provided some great advice.

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I overheard a conversation between two dealers a year or so ago about this very issue. I gathered from this little bit of eavesdropping that there is a lot of disagreement and consternation over this. It seems someone WAS trying to work up a pricing list for airmail material and therein came the controversy. At the moment I don't remember who was supposed to be working on this but I have never seen anything being offered or discussed at AAMS meetings.
Remember too that many of these first flights we loaded down with bags of mail almost to the point where they had trouble getting off the ground. (one of the PAA Pacific surveys out of San Francisco was so loaded he had to fly UNDER the uncompleted Golden Gate bridge.)  All of that got saved so in most cases there is no lack of supply. Its just a matter of trying to find a dealer who has the stuff and you having the time and patience to go through the boxes.
Hope this helps.

David Crotty

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Hi all, 

I guess we've concluded that no one has compiled a comprehensive list of First Flight values since 1990.  Has anyone worked out a formula for doing a rough
approximation of today's values?  E.g. 1_ _% of 1990 value = 2013 value 

I remain confused about how to value  a First Flight cover with a better stamp compared to a cover with an inferior stamp.  Say one cover has a listed value of $5.00 and has a C7 AP5 with a value of $ .35  while an otherwise identical cover has a C10 AP6 with a $2.50 value.  What are the values of the covers?

Thanks much.

Al Carter

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