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Hi Al
The AAMS does have a collectors guide on paper that I keep meaning to put on the website. Maybe I can find it. But on the website click on the "Aerophilately" menu item. Sheryl Ganz provides a rather extensive survey of the collecting areas
I think the 1990 guide is the latest although the Fifth and Sixth editions of the AAMS catalog have good pricing too. I think you will see that most prices have not changed in relation to each other. Use ebay sales as a guide too.
A cover is an envelope. So a stamp on cover/envelope is often worth more than the stamp alone because there might be a postal history story about how the envelope/cover traveled. Not always but most of the time.

David Crotty

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Hi all,

I've been trying to evaluate the value of my great-uncle's collection of First Flight covers. (He died in 1941.) At this point I don't know if I'll liquidate his collection or become a collector myself. At present a I know next to nothing, so please be patient.


1. Is there a simple handbook or pamphlet that tells the basics of the hobby?

2. What is the latest update of values for First Flight covers? I have the AAMC 1990 Pricing Supplement. Is there anything more recent?

3. If the stamp on the envelope is more valuable than the cover, what do you do? Add the two together?


Al Carter

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