PAA Atlantic operations 1939-1944


The Aerophilately group has places for files and photo albums. We have lots of space to share information and I invite any of you to build a folder with info of your interest. The photo albums will only take photos but are very useful for perhaps a group of interesting CAM covers. Keep in mind that as the AAMS publishes the next catalogs it want to do the covers in color so someone has to find those covers, scan them and store them. This would be a good place to store them.
I have just mounted some but not all of the "trip summaries" that I found at the University of Miami Richter Library in their Pan Am special collection. We found these last summer about this time and spent a good deal of time digging up much more info than this about PAA's operations during the war. PAA continued its commercial operations through that time (and these are only from the commercial side) but operated a wide range of missions for the Army and Navy. The library has given me permission to mount these here for research use. We cannot publish them in any other way but you can print them out for your own use.
I am about 99% finished with a 400 page book that will include all this data plus a good deal of auxiliary information about this interesting period. I'm in the middle of proofing the book with the able assistance of Vickie Canfield Peters. The hardest part is checking the numbers that I transcribed from these and other types of sheets.
David Crotty

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