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I will be there but the frames filled up before I got my application in.  I'm on the wait list if that helps. 

David Crotty

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I'm hoping all of our officers and board members will be in Sarasota.  I'll be exhibiting.  Dan.


Dan Gribbin   126 Key Colony Ct.   Daytona Beach, FL 32118   386-956-1813

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We have an excellent exhibit of commercial Zeppelin mail that you might like to look over.  
then click Resources
then click Exhibits (btw you need to be a member of the AAMS to get in here)
we have five exhibits loaded right now, the first being the Zeppelin exhibit. This exhibit is about mail carried as commercial mail so it will not show first flight covers and other "philatelic" items. 

David Crotty

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Who will be attending Sarasota 2020?

Also have a question.  As a fairly new collector of Airmail.  When should one begin collecting the collectible Zeppelins? 


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