Interesting First Flt Imperial Airways


Attached pdf has scans from a 6 Aug 1939 cover posted at Botwood Newfoundland for the first flight of the Imperial Airways transatlantic flight by the aircraft Caribou. I also include the text from Jack Ince's book on Newfoundland rates for that flight. It is postmarked at Botwood and Montreal on 6 Aug 1939 and finally 12 Aug 1939 in St. Johns. The trip included stops at NY, Montreal and Botwood

This cover has 20 cents postage and is NOT registered. According to the Post Office Circular the following should apply:
To England, Ireland         30 c
To Canada                       10c
To USA                            15c

It seems clear that this cover didn't get to England or Ireland. So what does this 20cents cover? Is it just paying for the trip from Botwood to Montreal and back????
Thanks for your help.

David Crotty

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