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Dear All,

There should be a link when entering "crash covers", "air crash covers" or "crash mail" to both the AAMS and the Wreck & Crash Mail Society, whose website is


Ken Sanford

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I checked out the Wikipedia "Airmail" page and clicked on "American Air Mail Society".  This took me to the Wiki page for the American Air Mail Society.  The link to the AAMS website works from there.  There is also an "Airmail Stamp" page on Wiki.  Dan- could you add the same link to this page?  Checked to see if web searches would bring up info from the "What We Collect" list on the homepage.  I tried a couple of regular browser searches - "Pioneer Airmail Covers" provided a link to the AAMS website homepage as did "Polar Aero History".  "Crash Mail Covers" and "First Flight Covers" did not have a link to the AAMS homepage but did link to the "Catalogs and Books" page.  "Catapult Flights" search did not provide a link. 

I would like to request that anyone posting on our aerophilately group please include their name after submitting comments.  We are able to see an email address from an individual but need to know who it is from.  Thanks David!
Jamie O'Bannon

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This is definitely the kind of thing AAMS members can to do get the word out about airmail collecting. Thanks
David Crotty

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Following up on a suggestion from Dave Crotty, I have inserted in the "Airmail" article on Wikipedia a link to the AAMS site.  I placed our link first under "External Links" on the assumption that we're #1.    : )    I will do more editing of that main "Airmail" article when I get a chance, but others might want to go there to check it.  Note that one needs to create a Wikipedia account in order to be able to edit.  To create an account, one just does a search for "Why would I want a Wikipedia account?" or some such wording. 

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