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Dear John,

I have forwarded Dave's Yahoo Group posting to Steve and would like to discuss it on Sat., separate from the MAPS meeting, as it doesn't concern MAPS.



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Ken:  I have been in contact with AAMS re placing the APJ on the internet.  Reply was they were looking into it.  This was back in Nov 2016.  John

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Dear All,
I agree with Henning.


Ken Sanford

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​As a member of the AAMS from Norway it is sad to see how things are going. To reduce costs I think it is neccessary to enter the digital world more than having a website like it is today.
In Norway stamp clubs save money by distributing club journals in digital format. They also make the journals available via their web sities:
​No more printing and high cost posting!!. I guess the AAMS would save substantial money by doing this. Of course I like to have the APJ in my hands, but I will surely accept the digital version.

Best regards
Henning Mathiassen (member no 8026)

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The AAMS is about to appoint and elect new officers. The society is at an dangerous point. It is down to 850 members and brings in about $16,000  in dues each year. That sounds great except that we spend $46,000 a year just to publish the APJ. About $12,000 of that goes to the editor.l
We also just published two great new volumes of the catalog with at least two more volumes coming soon. That again is great except that we also just spent $50,000 each to publish 1000 copies of each when we probably will never sell more than a few hundred each. 
We need a president who knows enough about publishing to help us get on track.  We do have a bit of cash in the treasury but it will not last long. 
So my question is, do any of you have the skills needed to help the AAMS through this? Do you know someone we could recruit?
We do have a small group of members trying to resolve this, including myself but we need some people with these skills to make it work. 
Can you help the society? Let us know.
David Crotty



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