Re: RE Ted Proud


Dear Dave,

I didn't really know him.  We just had a few exchanges about crash covers.  So you knew him better than me.

I forwarded your email to the following British aerophilatelists, so maybe one of them can write an obit.

Richard Saundry <0173richard@...>,
John C Symons <john@...>,
Bill Trower <Billtrower@...>,
Brian Asquith <brianasquith@...>,
EDWARD SPICER <e.spicer2@...>,
John Wilson <johnw.panam@...>,
Barbara Priddy <bmkpriddy@...>,
Nicholas Arrow <nicholasarrow@...>,
Peter Lister <p.a.lister@...>,
Derrick Pillage <derrickpillage@...>,
Laurence Kimpton <l.j.kimpton@...>,
Duncan Crewe <Dunccrew@...>



On Wed, Feb 8, 2017 at 6:08 PM, GreyOldDave decrotty@... [aerophilately] <aerophilately@...> wrote:

I forgot to mention that is you knew Ted Proud well I, as editor of the Philatelic Communicator am looking for a good Obit for Ted. I got to know him relatively recently due to his three volumes of aero work. He wrote some 80 other books of postal history.
David Crotty

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