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Hargreaves Kingston

Hi Dave.


I think it's great news that digital copies of the APJ are now being posted on the AAMS website!


I'm wondring whether I missed an announcement that digital copies are now available, as I didn't see one in the APJ or on the AAMS website?


Having digital copies of back issues of the APJ has been discussed for years. - I reckon the fact that they are now becoming available should be the subject of a BIG ANNOUNCEMENT.


Many thanks to you and Charlie Nelson for doing this.




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Webmaster’s Report August 2016

Our website,, has seen considerable activity in the last year. For each month in the last year, September 2015 through July 2016, there have been 5000 to 9800 visits by unique visitors. For July 2016 there were 8921 visitors.


The most active page in July (as it seems to be each month) is the AAMS Stamp Album page with 4600 hits. Note that “hits” is not the same as unique visitors but the number of times anyone accesses the page. The next most active page is the Aero 2014 Final Program page even though that event happened a long time ago, with 696 hits. The Collecting Airmail page had 232 hits even though this page has been on the site for about 10 years.


Our APJ Back Issues page has seen a lot of activity but that is because the webmaster and Charlie Nelson have been loading Charlie’s scans of our APJ back issues. At this writing, after about two months of work, Charlie has scanned about 100 of the earliest APJ issues. Since a recent APJ issue is whole number 1034 Charlie is about 10% into the project. All that being said, there are many more hits recorded than the webmaster can account for with these activities. For example, APJ Issue 1 which has been on the page for over a year had 953 hits in July. Members may be noticing these new items.  


The “next meeting” page had 195 hits.


Don Lussky has been operating the AAMS auction from the website for about 3 years now and has harvested some cash for AAMS operations. The next auction will be held during our AAMS convention at Chicagopex in November 2016. The last time we ran an auction, in July 2016, there were 790 hits for the auction page.


David Crotty

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