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Get to the "Home" page of the group and click on the Files and then click on the Coconut Grove file. They seem to be there. 
David Crotty

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Dear Dave,

OK, I got in using my Yahoo ID, but the only new file there is:

PAAatCoconutGrovePAA related photos from Coconut Grove, FL near old PAA Miami Terminal
All the others you sent messages about have no showed up there yet.

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Ken and all,
There are two functions to a yahoo group

1. Mail Exchange. In this a member has joined by sending an email to aerophilately-subscribe@... from his email. I let him/her in and any email that is send to aerophilately@... goes to all members. You can do this from virtually any email address on the planet.

2. Files and Photos. The yahoo group has a repository for files and photos. For this the member MUST have a yahoo ID (like mine  decrotty@...). Do this from (or the special site for your country if not the US) and click the "sign up" button usually at upper right. As you fill out the information make sure that you include your email (in Ken's case kaerophil@...) as one of the alternate email addresses (yahoo uses these in case you loose your password or such problem). you will need to set up a yahoo email (possibly kaerophil@...) Then you must be logged into your yahoo account and then you will see all these files and photos.
If you happen to be logged out of your yahoo account at some point it wants you to log in using your yahoo email address (you might be able to use the address but I have not tested that) and your password for that email. 

Hope this helps. 
David Crotty

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Dear Dave,

When I click on the link below, it shows a Yahoo groups sign in page for AAMS Auctions, and asks for a password, which of course I don't have.  Probably nobody getting these notifications has the password either.

Please clarify.


Ken from my iPad

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a file has been uploaded to the Files area of the aerophilately

File : /PAAatCoconutGrove/FirstFlightOutStore.jpg
Uploaded by : decrotty <decrotty@...>
Description : Cards for First Flight Out store in Coconut Grove, FL and bookstore nearby that has many aviation related books.

You can access this file at the URL:

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