Re: PAA Timetables 1939-1946

Gary Loew

David - how big? I've got a DropBox acct  with maybe 40Gb that will be available for a year or more.  Would that help in some way?


On Feb 18, 2014 5:02 PM, "DEC" <decrotty@...> wrote:

I am in the process of building some files to put the Pan American Airways timetables on the Aerophilatelic site to go along with the trip summary collection. I have obtained permission from the source, U. Miami, to put these here for our research purposes.  Right now they are just a little too big to be stored there. I'll have to work on reducing the size without hopefully reducing the readability.
Ok Ok, I reallize that the official Airpost Journal stand is that timetables are worthless and should be burned. We have seen at least four major articles in the last year to this effect and I gather there will be more. They do provide a good deal of information that are not in the trip summaries, and we only have these summaries for a very few years. We don't have anything else for many airline routes as a matter of fact.

I hope that we can make this site a storage spot for a wide range of information about many airline operations.
David Crotty

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