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Bob Watson


Yes, I am. (But I must join the AAMS.)


By the way, the AMSNZ in conjunction with Mowbray Collectables just published “New Zealand Overseas Airmail Postage Rates, 1930-2011” by Robin Startup. If you are a member of the AMSNZ there’s a discounted price. Contact Alan for further details. Otherwise, Mowbray Collectables (houseofstmps@...) has a good stock.





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Dear Bob,

Are you a member of the Air Mail Society of New Zealand. If not, you might like to join.  You can contact Alan Tunnicliffe at alant@....

Happy New Year,

Ken Sanford

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Hi all,
I'm Bob Watson. I live in New Zealand, but I'm originally from the US (Wilmington, Delaware). I collect all aspects of mail to/from USA & New Zealand, including air mail of course. My main concern is routes and rates, but I'm not strictly limited to that. (I have to try not to fly off on various tangents as they present themselves, but I'm only moderately successful a that.) Thee's other collections/accumulations, but I won't bother you with those.
Cheers (as they say here),


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