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Bob Watson


I believe the dates are 27-IX-32 and 19-X-32, that is September 27, 1932 [Genoa-New York] and October 19, 1932 [New York-Genoa]. Does that help spread the dates out a bit? The cover looks like the return leg to Italy.



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Thanks for that info, Philip. 


The dates on the cover are pretty interesting, based on the Wikipedia article. The post mark on the cover has the same dates (11-12-1932) but on the front it is stamped New York - Genova, and on the back, the same date but it is Genova - New York.


That's some speedy ocean liner :)


Can anyone decipher the signatures on the cover?




P.S. I thought I had posted this earlier, but when it did not show in the forum, I posted it again. So, I apologize for any double posts.

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Hello Curt,

Your scans worked fine.

I think this is a shipping (rather than airmail) cover. It looks like it has been carried on the maiden voyage of the Italian Line SS "Rex" from Genoa to New York in September 1932.

There's an interesting history of the ship on Wikipedia, here:

Philip Swan
near Heathrow Airport, London

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> Hi,
> I came across this cover and can't seem to find any information about it. Part of my problem is that I don't speak Italian and any info I find that might be related to this cover is in Italian. I am guessing Primo Viaggio might be First Flight or Voyage?
> The cover has at least one signature (Capt. someone) and then what appears to be a second signature on the upper left . Can anyone provide any information?
> Also, am I attaching the scans correctly?
> Thanks,
> Curt

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