PLEASE watch for the Pending Application and SEND it back filled out or you won't be accepted into the group. 

Welcome to Ads Ads Ads where more exposure to your group will mean more MEMBERS!! 
Please join - fill out the database for New Groups. If your group meets the requirements in having at least 8 Members it will be added, when we have room, provided that your Home Page of the group is VISABLE to Non Members.. If your group has less then 8 members, join anyway and get a spot saced to be put onto the ADs Letter when you do get the 8 Members., 
If you are GROUP OWNER, MODERATOR or a MEMBER wanting to advertise your group/s and can commit to sending out the Ads Letter to your group weekly you are welcome to join?
We do require a CC to the Owners email every week.
The Ads Letter will be sent out WEEKLY on Saturday.
Please Keep your ad to 60 words or less. If your ad is over 60 words, the Owner/Moderator reserves the right to condense the ad for you.
Upon joining, please fill out the questionnaire you will receive so we have it for our records.  Then go to the NEW AD Database and fill out your information there..
We look forward to helping you gain New Members.
Ads Letters do work!!!!!!!!!!!!  Just REMEMBER you need to send it to all the groups you have advertised with us. You send it to your group/s and every other advertiser will send it to their groups. Your members will see their ads and in turn their members will see your ads. 
Thanks for letting us help you GAIN MEMBERS.
Note: Your group needs to be accepting New Members in order to advertise and the Management of this ads letter will have to be able to join any group advertised on the Ads Letter should we desire to join.  
The Management.

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