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 Group closed on Nov. 1. Not accepting members at this time. Do not apply.

This is a tag offering group. All kinds of tags will be offered here! Tags from all Genres or at least as many as we can find or create. Alpha tags, animated, non animated, whatever the tagger decides to offer. This group is rated G-SAC. No nudity (top or bottom). Only taggers post so mail should be low volume. 

Rules are simple, request only what you want, never pickup a tag that was not made for you.  Don't complain to a tagger, if you don't like an offer please delete it. Only taggers and owners can post, replies go back to the sender. The only regular mail you should see are offers and pickup notice, a welcome for new members, and ads which the group owner is required to send. Absolutely no member sharing, not even blank tags. This is NOT a share group. 

Please no incredimail or lengthy emails (sayings, quotes etc at the bottom of your emails) when requesting. No one in this group is the copyright police. Copyrights will be used when we have them.  Blanks either will come with one or not as we have no control over that.

Always looking for taggers! Anyone interested in tagging, whether you tag blanks or create your own, please send the owner 3 samples of your work  Taggers may offer ani, non, alpha tags, etc.
If taggers are accepted I will change their posting privileges. Taggers please make sure to include your rules each time you make an offer. One tag per week more is appreciated.

If anyone wants to tag but can't make a tag every week let me know and maybe we can work something out. 

Hugs to all, welcome to the group and hope you like it here.

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