Guidelines for Absolutely Embird Posts

When replying from a Digest be sure to hit the REPLY TO GROUP option under the message you wish to reply to. This will avoid having the entire digest returned in your reply. Do NOT hit the standard Reply button in your email program. It can be very annoying to read messages with the entire digest included particularly when several people do it at one time.
Be NICE.  Absolutely no flaming allowed on list emails or sent privately. Many of our members are newbies not only to Embird and embroidery, but also to mailing lists. Be patient and hold your tongue. If it isn't nice - don't post it. It could get you placed on moderation or removed from the group.
NO ADS - except  by group owner, Peggy of She will keep all ads few and far between.
Definition of an ad.  Promotion of a product for profit or self-promotion.

Ads for Embird related websites are allowed (with limits) provided that a tip for using Embird is included. One or two a month are acceptable. More often requires written permission.
To post about an embroidery product that may be of interest to the membersplease share a tip on how one could use Embird with this product. 

A post about your product/tutorial is not considered to be an ad if it is directly introduced as an answer to a member's question. Don't push it. If in doubt, as to whether a post would be an ad, please write to 

You may promote your embroidery related website below your signature, using up to 3 lines. Material deemed offensive by moderators will be removed. 

Tutorial and Help Recommendations. Yes, it is OK to post recommendations for groups, website and lessons ABOUT EMBIRD by people other than the List Mom, provided you have used them and are happy with them. I will more than happy to add them to a Links Wiki.

No Design Searches

No Design Sharing!  If the design is not yours and you do not have permission to share, don't. Violators will be removed from the group immediately.

Attachments allowed. Do not attach items that you do not own the rights to post.  PLEASE keep them virus safe to protect all of our members.

Use of Hashtags. Can be in the middle of a NEW TOPIC subject line. They do not have any effect if added to replies or edited in later. These can aid in searching for information in the archives and blocking conversations you don't wish to view. Look at the Help page for more info on using hashtags. 

Editing posts allowed! Make a mistake or want to add something you forgot? You now have the ability to edit your already posted messages!

The owner and moderators of this list retain all say in whether a post violates the group guidelines and all members must abide by their decisions. Violators of the group policies may be removed immediately from the list without discussion.

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