Re: Troubleshooting

Thomas McMahon

Speaking specifically of the AVRT7 Plus, what I see with my lights.
Left red - constant once powered up.
Left blue - flashes each attempt to connect to wifi. No blue at all once wifi is connected.
Right red constant while waiting to connect to the server.
Right red - slow flash once connected to the server.
Right red fast flash - decoding
Right blue? - never seen blue on the right side that I remember. I was always on the sending end while trying to get the internal to decode.(May be internal receiver decode) I tested each of the three units when purchased over the last year and the results above were consitant.

Receive testing info. I tried a number of receive antennas and could only decode packets within a close proximity (a few blocks) with an outdoor 5db gain roof mounted antenna. Once I connected to a mobile radio (same antenna), I am able to decode packets from 100+ miles away. A scanner or something like that might be cheaper if you only want a receive only I-gate.

Another option for testing is to connect with Putty or similar. That will show current status. Usually decoded packets and or a repetitive  wifi attempt indicator. It gives set up info at first but it goes by pretty fast and is easily missed while connecting. There is a video on YouTube for this.

One caution, I have a Bionics RTG that works with other Igates and digis as indicated by but this unit will not decode it. At this point I don't know why.

On Wed, Jan 23, 2019 at 5:45 AM, Jared Yates
<email@...> wrote:
Thanks Tom, I have ordered a display. Can you elaborate on how you've found that it doesn't work with its built in radio? I feel pretty confident that I've been able to get the wifi connnected. Recently the box shows the rapid flashing blue light on the right continuously. My intent was to have it as a receive-only igate, but I've never seen it pass any packets, even with a beacon just yards away.

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