KD3KA Special Event

Pete W3WC

Working with the Butler County Amateur Radio Public Service Group, a special event has been planned.

On Saturday, August 7, BCARPSG will operate KD3KA from Roebling Park in Saxonburg, to commemorate the 100th anniversary of the 1st professional baseball game radio broadcast. This was of a game between the Pirates and the Phillies from Forbes Field, on August 5, 1921, and was announced on KDKA by Harold Arlin.

1921 was KDKA's first full year of operation. KDKA holds many firsts in radio history. Saxonburg is the location of KDKA mediumwave and W8XK shortwave transmitters during the 1930's. Please visit https://www.kdka100.org for more on the founding of KDKA.

The special event will be for 12 hours, from 8AM to 8PM EDT on Saturday.

Pete, W3WC