Re: PA QSO Party


My local club in Lancaster decided we should socially distance this year, so I did a rover first time ever. Worked from ADA, YOR, DAU and LAN. I worked Bill KB3LIX on Saturday from Codorus State Park, don't know if you realized it was me or not. I don't think I saw your call Pete. Where did you operate from? Good job on the QSO's! Saturday afternoon 40 meters was already long, so spent a lot of time adjusting my 80-10 meter Wolf River Coil for 80 meters (after I had put up my Inverted V for 40 in a tree at the park and realized the band was way long for in-state). I learned a lot being a rover, and even when you think you've got everything in the car, you forget something! Anyway, I do a lot of Parks on the Air now, and usually use my Yaesu FT-891, however decided to bring along my ICOM 7300 which works well with N1MM Logger for Rover. I was using my Bioenno 20aH battery, and my WRC antenna and Inverted V. Running 60 watts from 9:00 this morning until 4:30 this afternoon and then the battery was done. I thought that was really good battery life. I worked many in BUT this year. Everyone was missing Lawrence Co. this year, which surprised me a bit.

73 Scott

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